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Zooble: Revealing the Quirky Identity in The Amazing Digital Circus

Meet Zooble, a prominent character in Glitch Productions’ captivating show, The Amazing Digital Circus.

Voiced by Ashley Nichols, Zooble’s peculiar appearance and complex personality contribute to the circus’s whimsical charm.

Appearance: A Mix-and-Match Marvel

Zooble’s appearance is akin to a Mix and Match toy, showcasing a vibrant array of colors and quirky features. From a hot pink isosceles triangle head to mismatched arms and legs, Zooble’s design reflects Gooseworx’s love for 90’s toys, with a nod to Zolo blocks.

Zooble's appearance is akin to a Mix and Match toy

Their ability to control body components adds an extra layer of intrigue to their character.

Personality: Grouchy with an Identity Crisis

Zooble is characterized by grouchiness and irritability, especially when their body parts are not aligned correctly. Similar to Gangle, Zooble undergoes an identity crisis, unsure of what they truly are.

Zooble is characterized by grouchiness and irritability

Despite their rudeness and frustration, there may be a soft side to Zooble, particularly evident in their welcoming of Pomni to the circus.

Biography: From Gloink Capture to Circus Feast

In the pilot episode, Zooble makes a memorable entrance as their limbs are split up by the Gloinks. Kinger attempts a daring rescue, leading to a sequence of events culminating in Zooble getting eaten by the Gloink Queen.

In the pilot episode, Zooble makes a memorable entrance as their limbs are split up by the Gloinks

However, Kaufmo’s intervention results in Zooble being spat out, and they are later seen enjoying a meal with the other performers.

Trivia: Behind the Scenes with Zooble

  • Gender Ambiguity: Zooble’s gender remains a mystery, with a tweet suggesting their uncertainty. The Russian dub commonly refers to Zooble as a she, adding an intriguing layer to their character.
  • Design Inspirations: Gooseworx’s design for Zooble draws inspiration from Zolo blocks and reflects her love for 90’s toys. Zooble’s ability to control body components and store parts in a “Zooble box” adds a unique twist to their character.
  • Age and Circus Duration: Zooble, aged 22, is half a year older than Jax. Despite spending the shortest time in the circus, they leave a lasting impression with their quirky personality.
  • Quirks and Preferences: Zooble’s antennae twitch when upset, and according to Gooseworx, they would give the worst hugs. Additionally, Zooble’s character design was the most enjoyable for Gooseworx to create.

As The Amazing Digital Circus unfolds, Zooble’s role promises more quirks, challenges, and perhaps a deeper exploration of their enigmatic identity.

Keep an eye on Zooble as they navigate the unpredictable world of Glitch Productions, adding their own vibrant touch to the circus spectacle.

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