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Ragatha: The Unseen Marvel of The Amazing Digital Circus

Ragatha is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Jax) of The Amazing Digital Circus. Voiced by Amanda Hufford, Ragatha’s character brings a unique and captivating presence to the show.

Other name: Doll Face (The name first given to her by Jax)


Ragatha’s appearance resembles that of a living ragdoll. She has red, yarn-like hair, a flat, reddish-orange triangular nose, and one purple button eye. Her outfit consists of a long purplish-blue dress with darker blue patches and a white undershirt.

Ragatha's appearance resembles that of a living ragdoll

She wears a matching bow and has a light beige skin tone. Her feet are designed to resemble shoes with black squares at the bottom.


Described as “the sweetest little optimist,” Ragatha’s optimism goes beyond surface-level positivity. She maintains a constant happy attitude to keep herself sane, even in the face of grievous injuries and serious incidents.

However, her patience wears thin when she feels abandoned, as seen when Pomni leaves her behind for the second time.

Ragatha's optimism goes beyond surface-level positivity

Ragatha also displays a forgiving nature, showing understanding towards Pomni’s actions. However, she reaches her breaking point when Pomni abandons her again, choosing to avoid her.

Ragatha’s Biography

Ragatha’s first appearance is in the PILOT episode during the introduction song. She is the first to comfort Pomni upon her arrival, assuring her that everything will be okay. Ragatha is later paired with Jax and Pomni to check on Kaufmo. She questions Jax’s decision to pair Kinger and Gangle together but is brushed off.

Ragatha's first appearance is in the PILOT episode during the introduction song

Throughout the episode, Ragatha guides Pomni and explains the nature of The Amazing Digital Circus. When they reach Kaufmo’s room and discover his abstraction, Ragatha warns Pomni about the consequences of reaching one’s breaking point. She experiences glitchy effects when attacked by Kaufmo and seeks Pomni’s help, but Pomni’s attempt results in glitches as well.

Ragatha reappears later when Pomni returns to apologize for leaving her. Ragatha accepts the apology and emphasizes the need to find Caine to fix her and take care of Kaufmo. At the end of the episode, Ragatha is fixed by Caine and stands silently beside Pomni. She can be seen enjoying the digital feast with the other performers.

Ragatha reappears later when Pomni returns to apologize for leaving her


  • Ragatha’s design pays homage to Raggedy Ann from the 1977 film “Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure.”
  • She also bears visual similarities to Molly Coddle from the stop-motion animation series “Bump in the Night.”
  • Ragatha’s age remains undisclosed, but she is confirmed to be older than Pomni and is specified to be 30 years old.
  • Gooseworx, the creator, has confirmed that Ragatha has been in the circus second longest, after Kinger.
  • Ragatha’s only known fear is a fear of centipedes (chilopodophobia), which Jax mischievously exploits.
  • Ragatha may say things she doesn’t necessarily mean if she thinks it will ease tensions, as confirmed by Gooseworx.

In conclusion, Ragatha’s character brings a unique blend of optimism, forgiveness, and resilience to The Amazing Digital Circus.

Her appearance and personality make her a memorable and beloved character in the show.

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