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Pomni: Spotlight on The Amazing Digital Circus Protagonist

Pomni is the main protagonist of The Amazing Digital Circus. She is the most recent human to enter its digital plane after wearing a VR headset. With her unique appearance and intriguing personality, Pomni captivates the audience and adds depth to the storyline.

Appearance of Pomni

Pomni is a stylized humanoid character with distinct features. Her large head and slim limbs give her a whimsical appearance. She has completely white skin, with small blush-like markings under her eyes and thick black lines around her eyes, resembling eyeliner.

Her pupils constantly change but often appear as a red and blue pinwheel pattern. Asymmetrical eyelashes add to her quirky charm, with her left eye having lashes on the top lid and her right eye having lashes on the bottom. Pomni’s short, straight medium black hair, which can sometimes appear brown due to lighting, frames her face beautifully.

Appearance of Pomni

Her outfit reflects her role in the circus. Resembling a jester rather than a traditional clown, she wears a red and blue jumpsuit with round, poofy sleeves and shorts. The red and blue colors are distributed asymmetrically, with plain sections for the torso and stripes for the sleeves and shorts. Yellow accents, including pom-poms, cuffs, and an undershirt, add vibrancy to her ensemble.

On her head, she sports a matching striped two-armed jester’s hat, complete with small yellow bells on the tips. Pomni also wears gloves, with the left one being blue and the right one red. Interestingly, her left shoe is red while her right shoe is blue, creating a delightful contrast.


Pomni’s high-strung, timid, and paranoid demeanor makes her character intriguing. In the pilot episode, she is shown to be scared and frightened, struggling to accept her predicament. She displays signs of paranoia and delusion, occasionally succumbing to denial.

Pomni's high-strung, timid, and paranoid demeanor makes her character intriguing

The existential dread of being trapped within The Amazing Digital Circus pushes her to the edge, almost veering into abstraction. However, her journey takes a turn when Caine steps in.

Even when she finds what appears to be an “exit,” Pomni experiences moderate paranoia, questioning the reality of her discovery. Her anxiety and fear are visually represented through animated scribbles replacing her pupils in the Digital Circus.

What else do Pomni's friends call her

What else do Pomni’s friends call her:

  • XDDCC (The name first given to her by Caine)
  • New Stuff (The name first given to her by Ragatha)
  • Newbie (The name first given to her by Jax)
  • Kid (The name first given to her by Jax)
  • New Sucker (The name first given to her by Jax)


In the pilot, Pomni and Zooble were the only characters who openly cursed, although they were censored by Caine

  • In the Russian language, “Pomni” (Помни) means “remember” or “don’t forget.” It is often used in phrases like “Hey, remember to do this” or “Hey, do this, but remember what was in that tutorial video.”
  • In Polish, “Pomni” is similar to the word “pomny,” which means “mindful” or “having something in consideration.”
  • Additionally, in Bulgarian, “Pomni” (“Помни”) means “remember.” It is used in sentences like “(x) remembers that.”
  • In promotional material before the pilot’s trailer, Pomni had a minor design difference. Her gloves’ colors were opposite to her current design, matching the colors of her shoes on the same sides. However, this was later changed, and her gloves now contrast with the shoes on their respective sides.
  • In the pilot, Pomni and Zooble were the only characters who openly cursed, although they were censored by Caine.
  • Gooseworx, the creator, revealed on Twitter that Pomni was initially conceptualized as a frog-like character.
  • Pomni’s voice actress, Lizzie Freeman, is known for voicing various other characters in anime series and games, such as Chizuru Ichinose from Rent a Girlfriend, Yanfei from Genshin Impact, Trish Una from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and also the sad form of ENA in the popular ENA web series from NewGrounds.
  • Her close-up and lifeless stare bears resemblance to Anti-spiral’s from the 2007 Sci-fi anime series “Gurren Lagann” when he is about to engage in battle with the main characters. This adds a hint of mystery and intrigue to Pomni’s character.Despite her appearance, Pomni’s hair is confirmed to be black, although it often appears brown due to lighting. This detail, shared by Gooseworx on Tumblr, highlights the importance of paying attention to the character’s original design.
  • Kevin Temmer, the show’s lead animator, has a fascinating fan theory that Pomni’s human identity is “Martha” from his earlier animated short, “What’s the Matter, Martha?” This connection, if true, would provide an interesting link between the two stories, sparking discussions among fans.
  • One unique aspect of Pomni’s personality is her dislike of being touched. Gooseworx shared this detail on Tumblr, shedding light on her character’s boundaries and personal preferences.

As the main character of The Amazing Digital Circus, Pomni brings a mix of fear, vulnerability, and curiosity to the narrative. Her journey through the digital plane captivates audiences, and her unique appearance and personality make her a memorable and relatable character.

With each episode, Pomni continues to surprise and engage viewers, leaving them eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in The Amazing Digital Circus.

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