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Amanda Hufford: The Voice Behind Ragatha

Who voices Ragatha? Ragatha voice actor – Amanda Hufford, a seasoned performer hailing from Houston, Texas, has carved a niche for themselves in the world of voice acting and vocal performance.

With a background deeply rooted in stage and musical theatre, Hufford’s journey into the realm of voice acting was a natural progression fueled by a passion for bringing characters to life through their voice.

Early Life and Passion for Performance

Amanda Hufford’s roots trace back to New York, United States, where they were born, marking the beginning of a journey that would see them become a versatile actress, director, and casting director.

Amanda Hufford's roots trace back to New York, United States, where they were born

Growing up surrounded by the vibrant arts scene, Hufford developed a love for performance early on. They embraced vocal expression, eventually transitioning from stage and musical theatre to pursue a career in voice acting.

The Multifaceted Artist

Amanda Hufford behind the voice actors – Hufford’s versatile talent is showcased not only through their work as a voice actor but also as a director and casting director. Their passion for direction is evident in collaborations with various projects and talents, aiming to bring out the best performances.

Trivia and Personal Details

  • Amanda Hufford was born in New York, United States.
  • Their birth sign is not available.
  • Known for their role as Ragatha in The Amazing Digital Circus cartoon.
  • Not much information is available about their family background.

Amanda Hufford’s journey in the entertainment industry is marked by versatility and dedication. From their early days in theatre to becoming a sought-after voice actor and director, Hufford continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of animated and digital productions.

Amanda Hufford's journey in the entertainment industry is marked by versatility and dedication

Voice actor of Ragatha: As they lend their voice to Ragatha in The Amazing Digital Circus, audiences can appreciate the depth and skill this multifaceted artist brings to every performance.

Notable Roles and Filmography

Voice Actor

  • Upcoming: Swapette
  • Previous:
    • Bread Barbershop (2022-2023)
    • Hannahpocalypse (2020)
    • The Amazing Digital Circus (2023) – Ragatha voice actress
    • Inkbound (2023)
    • Mythic Girls (2023)
    • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (2023)
    • Afflicted (2022)
    • Space Leaper: Cocoon (2022)
    • Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo (2021)
    • Dragon Ball R&R (2018)
    • Cybernautica (2018)
    • For Evelyn (2021)
    • The Divine Speaker (2020)
    • Heirloom (2020)
    • Project Wingman (2020)
    • Genshin Impact (2020)
    • Flappatron (2019)
    • Batman: Arkham City: End Game (2014)
    • The Godshead Incidental (2019)
    • I Love Yoo (2018)
    • Splintered Caravan (Audio Drama) (2017)
    • Little Boy (2017-2022)
    • Smite (2014)
    • Warframe (2013)


  • Hannahpocalypse (2020)
  • Cybernautica (2018)
  • The Divine Speaker (2020)

Casting Director

  • Hannahpocalypse (2020)

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